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Sign at Cohasset MBTA station advertising the bike path

The trail to nowhere.


The Friends of Wompatuck are passionate about our state park and we want you to be too!

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Trail to Nowhere

UPDATE 7/31/15: Trail to Nowhere No More: The bike path has been open now for almost a year. It’s in great shape and is used by local commuters seeking a car free ride to the T station as well as by Wompatuck bound visitors to our park. The path is quite scenic and is a favorite for families in Wompatuck with small children as there are no hills. A short distance to the east of the northern end of the path is JJ’s Dairy Hut, a nice half way stop for those kids looking for a break on a hot summer’s day.

Use the link at the bottom of this page to thank your local representatives, as it is through their advocacy that this has happened.

UPDATE 11/17/2014: The demolition of these buildings is complete and the annex area is officially open! There is still some paving work to be done, but you can now easily access Wompy from the Cohassett train station! The Friends of Wompatuck has also been busy developing a new trail section in this previously closed section. Stay tuned for a new map documenting this effort! We are eso excited to see this progress after years of advocacy by people like you and support from our local elected officials.

Everyone's heard of Alaska's bridge to nowhere... well, Wompatuck's got a trail to nowhere and we want to fix that! When the Cohasset Commuter Rail was being built, we were told we would get a path that would connect several of the area towns via trails. Well, the new trail is complete but is a path to nowhere because the state has not remediated some old military buildings on Wompatuck's property.

What can you do? Contact your state officials and let them know you are disappointed this NEW trail is not what we were promised!

To find your representative and senator’s contact info, please visit www.wheredoivotema.com.


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