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Wompatuck State Park offers numerous hiking trails for all athletic abilities. In addition to Wompatuck's trails, Whitney and Thayer Woods, property of the Trustees of Reservations which borders Wompatuck's land, is also open to the public for hiking and biking as marked. This property offers a network of well maintained gravel paths.
Wompatuck is also a fun environment for dog walking.  All dogs must be leashed in the "developed areas" of the park, which include:
  • The Mason A Foley Visitor Center grounds
  • All parking areas
  • Union Street and 100' on either side of the street
  • The contact station and campground
  • The transfer station
  • The administration building
  • Doane Street (from the Cohasset gate to the power line)
No pets are allowed at the Mt. Blue Spring site.
Always clean up after your pet and properly dispose of its waste!
Dogs may be released from their leashes in other areas only under the following circumstances:
  • The dog is under the owners control at all times and will "heel" on command.
  • The owner has a leash in their possession.
  • The dog is not allowed to disturb, harass, or interfere with wildlife or other visitors.
Leashes help to keep dogs on the trails and away from harmful plants and unseen hazards, such as barbed-wire fences, stinging insects, and frightened wildlife. Having you dog leashed also lessens the chance that your dog will startle hikers, cyclists, or equestrians, or will bite other people or pets, no matter how unlikely that may seem.  If you dog does not have a strong recall or is easily distracted (there’s a lot of wildlife in Wompy!), for the safety of your dog and all park users, your dog should remain leashed.
Please remember that Womptuck is a multi-user park.  Even if you believe your dog is people friendly, not every park user is dog friendly!  Make sure you always control your dog and yield to other park users as appropriate – we all have to share the trails!
Professional dog walkers must obtain a Commercial Activity Permit to operate their business in Wompatuck.  Please apply for a permit on the DCR website.
Before enjoying Wompatuck’s trail network, please make sure you acquire a trail map available at information kiosks located around the park as well as the visitor center.


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