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for detailed information: www.southshorequests.org

Questing is an easy way to turn a normal hike into a treasure hunt in Wompatuck, courtesy of South Shore Quests.

Bring a pencil and your quest book and just follow the clues to the treasure box! In the treasure box you will find a rubber stamp and stamp pad to certify your find as well as a sign-in field journal.

Want to try a free Quest in Wompatuck? Get it here.

Quest books contain 15 to 20 trails located throughout the South Shore. The book includes maps with directions to get to the trails, a set of clues for each trail, and fun facts to learn throughout the quest. The 2013 book is available for $5 at the following locations:

Blue Hills Fitness 288 Wood Road 781-849-0444

Holly Hill Farm, 236 Jerusalem Road 781-383-1455

Hingham Public Library, 66 Leavitt Street 781-741-1405

Hull Public Library, 9 Main Street 781-925-2295

South Shore Audubon Society, 2000 Main Street 781-837-9400

South Shore Natural Science Center, Jacobs Lane 781-659-2559

The Turner Free Library, 2 North Main Street 781-961-0932

New England Wildlife Center, 500 Columbian Street 781-682-4878


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