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Kingston Troop 4480 launching
rockets in South Field

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Wompatuck has an active scouting community who both utilize Wompatuck as well as give back to the park through trail mainteance projects and volunteering at the Landmine Mountain Bike Classic feedzones. Additionally, numerous Eagle Scouts and Gold Award Scouts have worked to improve the park with various projects throughout Wompatuck, like new trail markers, compilation of history and preservation of historical sites, building park benches, constructing bridges, and more.

Interested in joining a local troop? Browse our links on the left sidebar for additional resources.

Prospective Eagle Scouts and Gold Award Scouts:

The Wompatuck Park Supervisor and the Friends of Wompatuck are happy to partner with and help finance scouts seeking a project for an Eagle Scout Award or Gold Award. Read more about our policy for supporting scout projects here. Please contact us with your idea and we can begin the process of working together to improve our park.


Please note: The Wompatuck Park Supervisor will not help finance scouts.

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