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Building a new bridge

Photos from 2011 Friends of Wompatuck Trail Care Events

June 4, 2011

Photos from 2010 Friends of Wompatuck Trail Care Events

November 20, 2010

At this trail care event we worked on the new trail - cutting in the ledge and smooting out sections.

August 21, 2010

We resurfaced another bridge in time for the Landmine Classic Mountain Bike Race.

July 17, 2010

Sunday, July 17th eight volunteers worked in very hot weather to resurface another bridge in the park.


June 5, 2010

On Sat., June 5th about 15 volunteers resurfaced two long, slippery bridges in the park. The bridges are resurfaced using a heavy gauge metal lath and secured using wood strapping and metal thresholds.

April 24, 2010

April 10, 2010

On Sat, April 10, we had another great work day in Wompatuck. Approx 15 volunteers came out on this sunny morning to help finish clearing another railbed connector. From the 'skull-and-crossbones' drop down to the railbed 'near' N31 to 'near' NS2 was a complete mess, full of fallen trees and saplings. With minimal sapling removal, some gruntwork and raking, the corridor was transformed into a rideable/useable trail. This completed the span from 'near' C8. We'll have to think of better ways to refer to these connectors, as they will become part of the trails m-ap soon enough.

If you enjoy the ride down the established N1- C7 bed, you'll like this one. In fact the new one is kind of a continuation of that one. Yeah, they are relatively flat. Not completely straight, though, and a fast way from one part of the park to another with less pavement. And there are plenty more to open up, which is part of our RTP Grant plan.

Thanks to all who made the day a success, and of course to Park Supervisor Steve Gammon, who was also out there with volunteers taking out blowdowns with his chainsaw.

March 2010:

About 20 hard-working Wompy friends tackled the trails for a good session of general clean up! Thanks to everyone who was there!

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