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Trails Completion Map - Simplified park map for highlighting completed trails.

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Trail Completion Club


The Wompatuck State Park All Trails Challenge is an opportunity for Friends of Wompatuck members to explore all the natural and historical treasures in Wompatuck State Park by completing every trail. Members may explore the trails in a variety of ways, including hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog walking, or on horseback. Successfully completing and documenting your visit to every trail will allow you to apply to be a member of the Trail Completion Club. By joining the Club, you will be setting a personal goal for yourself, and you will join a community of Wompatuck enthusiasts in sharing your experiences at the park.

If you would like an even more challenging experience, consider attempting our Four Seasons Challenge, too. To accomplish this challenge, you must complete all trails in each season in one year.

*Equestrians are limited to designated bridle trails, but always welcome.

Trail Completion Requirements

FOW members and anyone under 18 can apply for membership in the All Trails Completion Club. There is no time limit to achieving this milestone, and past explorations count even though the program itself began in 2022. To track your explorations, use this Trails Completion Map of Wompatuck and highlight the trails that you have explored. Access or limited mobility members only need to complete Wompatuck’s paved or gravel trails, as appropriate. It’s understood that it will take most people more than a year to complete their explorations.

How to Apply for Club Membership

After you have explored the entire trail network in Wompatuck, you will be eligible to become a member. Click on this link to complete or print your application. As part of the application, we also ask that you write a few paragraphs describing your favorite trail or place, your most interesting friendly encounter (animals included), or anything else that seems appropriate.

Then, please send 1) your completed application, 2) your highlighted map, and 3) your written paragraphs to info@friendsofwompatuck.org or mail it to The Friends of Wompatuck, P.O. Box 612, Hingham, MA 02043.

FOW will review your application and writings and invite you to Friends of Wompatuck annual meeting in March. There you will be presented with your Friends of Wompatuck Trail Completion Club Certificate and patch. At the March meeting, you are encouraged to bring your favorite photos, drawings, and paintings of Wompatuck. For the historians, you may want to bring research to share. Do you have a song that reminds you of Wompatuck that you would like to perform? Please do. This meeting is meant to be a celebration of the many ways we all enjoy Wompatuck.


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